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About Falmouth Rod and Gun Club


The land that the Falmouth Rod and Gun Club is situated on was once an active training ground for the Maine National Guard during the early to mid-twentieth century. After WW II, a consolidation of National Guard assets resulted in the shooting ranges becoming obsolete as a training facility. Ownership of the land was transferred to the newly formed Falmouth Rod and Gun Club in 1947. Two years later in 1949, the Falmouth Rod and Gun Club became incorporated as a not for profit organization. Today, the Club continues in operation with the same activities as the earliest members set up including archery, rifle shooting on a 100 yard range, trap shooting, as well as rim fire and pistol shooting on two pistol ranges. The Falmouth Rod and Gun Club continues to operate and advocate for the responsible pursuit of outdoor recreation.

Club Goals

  1. To promote outdoor recreational pursuits and all shooting sports with emphasis on the teaching and practicing of methods of safe and proper handling and care of firearms, bows and arrows, and techniques of attaining improved marksmanship.
  2. To promote educational programs among the youth in the proper care and handling of firearms , bows and arrows and marksmanship.
  3. To promote harmony with all laws, rules and regulations of federal, state and local governments.
  4. To promote the educational programs of the National Rifle Association in the State of Maine.
  5. To teach and practice principles of wildlife and resource conservation, insofar as they relate to firearms and shooting sports, archery and fishing.
  6. To conduct rifle, pistol, shotgun and archery competitions under proper supervision, both as a sport and to train marksmen qualified to serve in either military or civilian police positions. To promote outdoor sports such as archery, hunting, fishing, camping and recreational use of permissible woodland properties.
  7. The organization shall not be conducted or operated for profit and no part of any profits or remainder of residue from dues, donations, or other sources of income to the organization shall inure to the personal benefit of any member or individual.